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Thanks and Acknowledgements

The authors of The Tobacco Atlas, Fifth Edition, would like to extend thanks and acknowledgement to the contributions of a wide arrange of people who made the Atlas possible.

Four individuals played vital roles as contributing authors and editorial/data coordinators: Ellie Faustino, Alex Liber, Michal Stoklosa, and Carrie Whitney. Christina Curell, Sun Young Jeong, and Xuanzi Qin played key roles as primary research assistants. For additional content and editorial support, we thank Samantha Bourque, Emily Cahill, Lauren Clark, Amanda Gailey, and Sarita Pathak.

We sincerely thank the American Cancer Society and the World Lung Foundation for their unwavering support for the fifth edition of The Tobacco Atlas. We especially thank Jacqui Drope for her outstanding organizational role, as well as Sandra Mullin (WLF), Elizabeth Ward (ACS) and Sally Cowal (ACS) for their leadership. Additionally, without the high-level support from ACS’ Otis Brawley and Greg Bontrager, the project would not have come to fruition. We thank Ahmedin Jemal for providing overall ideas about the content of the Atlas in its early stages, and Hana Ross for her early work on the project.

Rebecca Perl provided valuable content input on many parts of the Atlas. We thank Bob Land for his expert and timely indexing work. We also received crucial organizational support from Chris FryeKerri Gober, Lauren Rosenthal, Melissa Wilks and Shacquel Woodhouse, and relied upon Vanika Jordan for printing and publication expertise.

We are grateful to Steve Hamill at WLF for spearheading the website, and playing major roles in broader communication and promotion strategy. We thank Chun-Yu Huang for ongoing support of the online version and Elizabeth Mendes for helpful input on the website process. Also for communications and promotion efforts, we thank Tracie Bertaut, Tracey Johnston, and Tara Peters.

For their advice on specific chapters and/or providing data, there are a number of individuals that we wish to thank. For Consumption, Marie Ng and her IHME colleagues, Michael Thun, Linda AndesKrishna Palipudi, and Deliana Kostova; for Smokeless Tobacco, Stephen Stanfill and Pankaj Chaturvedi; for Water Pipes, Orna Baron-Epel; for Legal Challenges & Litigation, Patricia Lambert and the International Legal Consortium (ILC) at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids; for WHO FCTC, Vera Luiza da Costa e Silva and Douglas Bettcher; for Warnings & Packaging, Rob Cunningham; for The Endgame, Mira Aghi, Simon ChapmanGreg Connolly, Yul Doretheo, Sheila Duffy, J.R. Pinky Few, Becky Freeman, Joe Gitchell, Prakash Gupta, Marita Hefler, Ei Skye Kimura-Paul, Jon Krueger, Eric LeGresley, Ruth Malone, Wasim Maziak and Martin Raw; for Health Consequences, Roberta Savli and her colleagues at the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations; for Nicotine Delivery Systems, Royal Kai Yee Law; and for Male Smoking and Female Smoking, IHME. For mapping assistance, we thank Liora Sahar and the Statistics and Evaluation Center at ACS, and for access to the 2014 WHO FCTC reports, we thank Tibor Szilagyi.

For their superlative creative force to present these important topics in original and effective ways, we are deeply indebted to the Language Dept. team: Jenn Cash, Tanya Quick, Leah Koransky, Lizania CruzAngela Choi, and Niquita Taliaferro. The project is much richer and better for their contributions.

For their efforts translating the Atlas into online format and providing our audiences new and innovative ways to engage, repurpose and respond to the content of the Atlas we thank the team at Atlantic Media Strategies, particularly Zach Kalman and Nguyet Vuong for bringing the vision to fruition.

Similarly, the project has benefitted greatly from the translation team at Alboum & Associates. Last, and certainly not least, we thank our tireless and exacting managing editor, John M. Daniel.

– Posted on behalf of Michael Eriksen, Judith Mackay, Neil Schluger, Farhad Gomeshtapeh and Jeffrey Drope

WLF staff