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Webinar: Investing in Tobacco Control is Investing in Cancer Control

Economic and Health Policy Research, American Cancer Society

If you want to learn more about the place of tobacco control within the broader cancer control paradigms, see what the experts from the National Cancer Institute’s Center for Global Health (CGH) and the American Cancer Society (ACS) offer in a webinar entitled: “Investing in Tobacco Control is Investing in Cancer Control”.

Hosted by CGH Director, Dr. Ted Trimble, ACS’s Vice President of Economic and Health Policy Research, Dr. Jeff Drope, and ACS’s Senior Economist, Taxation & Health, Mr. Michal Stoklosa, the webinar discusses how tobacco control should feature prominently within broader cancer control strategies and activities. You can learn more about the tobacco control activities and interventions that are proven as both highly effective and cost-effective, including tobacco taxation, marketing bans, smokefree policies, graphic warning labels and mass media campaigns. The presenters explore issues in cancer control planning and provide resources for planners to utilize. They also delve deep into topics such as economic benefits of tobacco control and funding sources for tobacco control activities.

Please also see the webinar’s companion web page, which provides examples of successful programs funded by the International Tobacco and Health Research and Capacity Building Program (TOBAC) that promote this kind of research-driven tobacco control activities in low- and middle-income countries.

ACS Staff

Economic and Health Policy Research, American Cancer Society

The Economic and Health Policy Research program seeks to address cancer worldwide by conducting research on the economic and policy aspects of risk factors to cancer, including in the areas of tobacco, nutrition, physical activity and harmful alcohol use. We also examine issues around the economics of health equity, including access to care.