“Today, many of the threats to health that contribute to noncommunicable diseases come from corporations that are big, rich and powerful, driven by commercial interests, and far less friendly to health. Forget collaboration with the tobacco industry. Never trust this industry on any count, in any deal. Implement the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Doing so can avert around 5.5 million deaths each year at a cost, in a low-income setting, of less than 40 cents per person. There is no other “best buy” for the money on offer.”-Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, 2011

Costo De Oportunidad De Los Cigarrillos

Rebanadas de pan y porciones de arroz que se podían comprar por el precio de un paquete de cigarrillos promedio: 2013

La compra de los artículos de primera necesidad en la vida se hace más difícil con cada paquete extra de cigarrillos comprados. Esto tiene mayor importancia para la gente en grupos de bajo nivel socioeconómico, que hacen las mayores compensaciones financieras para continuar fumando.




Figures on opportunity costs to purchase cigarettes from 89 countries are available in the Source Data file.


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